Rifle Hunting

Rifle Recommendations:

  • Plains Game: We would recommend that you use a minimum of a .30 caliber rifle on all plains game excluding eland and giraffe, with a 3 to 9 variable scope, and a minimum of an 180gr high quality soft nose cartridge such as a Swift A-frame.
  • Dangerous Six: For the dangerous six a .375 or bigger with a compact scope and high quality swing-off mounts is recommended. On the cats I would recommend a soft nose.
  • Cape Buffalo: For Cape buffalo – bring a good supply of high quality soft nose cartridges as well as some solids.
  • Largest Game: For the largest mammals – use only solids. Most important – use a rifle that you feel comfortable with and has been successfully in the past.

Should you prefer, you are more than welcome to rent one of our rifles, that way you avoid the hassle of carrying a rifle on the plane.

A Day of Hunting:

Our normal rifle hunting day will start at the crack of dawn after a small breakfast of coffee, cereal and toast (or what ever the client prefers). Then you and your professional hunter will be off to one of our well managed concession areas or one of our private ranches where you will spend the entire morning hunting depending on the hunting area and game animal you’re after, you might spend the entire day out, in that case we will supply a lunch box and plenty of drinks for the day. Should you not stay out the whole day we normally have a brunch at about 12 o’clock, then it is time for a quick dip in the pool or a siesta. We will start the afternoon hunt as soon as the client is ready to go. Camouflage hunting clothes are allowed in South Africa.

Most important, is that we cater towards each and every client’s needs. We will make recommendations however, the final decision rests with the client in which way he wants to hunt. Our preferred method is to use one of our well equip hunting vehicles until we spot the trophy we are after, then we make a stalk. We have 35 species on our trophy list not including the small cats. It is therefore important to note that all the species do not naturally occur in all the hunting areas and it is therefore essential that we must know what your priority animals are. The client must understand that there will be some traveling involved for some species.

The Intrepid Lodge is a great favorite amount our clients. It is family friendly, complete with air-conditioned rooms, bar-lounge area, heated swimming pool and spa, wireless internet...

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Intrepid Safaris Africa is an accredited hunting outfit. We obtain all our licenses and hunting permits prior to the hunting season and only hunt on Nature conservation approved hunting areas...


Africa has scores of heritage sites, national parks and other tourist attractions to keep the non-hunter happy. Intrepid Safaris can create an itinerary full of other tourist attractions...