Bow Hunting

Our game population in South Africa has increased substantially over the past century. We have saved many species from extinction. The reason for this is proper game management and selective hunting. Because of the large number of animals available, South Africa is the perfect place for those clients who prefer to hunt the way the Bushmen’s did all their lives, with a bow and arrow. Luckily these days we don’t have to use poison arrows, nor do we have to track wounded animals for days. With modern technology bow hunting is becoming extremely popular, but is still challenging in many ways.

FAQs About Bow Hunting:

What type of bow should I use?
We would recommend your normal setup that you use back home, with a minimum draw weight of 60 lbs for plains game and 80 lbs for dangerous game. Most important use the bow you feel comfortable with and have had success with in the past.

Broad heads?
This must be one of the most debatable subjects among bow hunters! I prefer a fix blade set up, however many of my clients uses mechanicals and are very successful. For dangerous game a two blade fix with a total arrow weight of a minimum of 750gr is required.

Blinds or walk and stalk?
Most of the hunting for plains game is from blinds; we also do some walk and stalk depending on the day and the weather. On dangerous game it is almost exclusively walk and stalk except for leopard.

What is the average distance of the shots, and what do the blinds look like?
Most shots are 25 yards or less, depending on the client’s abilities he is more than welcome to take longer shots. Make sure to have a quiet arrow rest!

We use a big variety of blinds, depending on what animal you after – pit blinds, tree stands, elevated blinds, “pop ups” – all with its own unique setting and character.

Do we have broad head and field point buds in camp?

Can I combine a rifle hunt and a bow hunt?

When is the best time to bow hunt?
The dry months June throw to the end of October, although we’ve had many successful hunts year round.

Will I have a professional hunter with me at all times?

Is camo hunting gear legal in South Africa?
Yes, and we will make pattern recommendations on your request.

Is it hard to travel with a bow?
No, you check it as regular luggage. We recommend you buy a high quality sturdy bow case as traveling by plane can be hard on your luggage. Bring lots of arrows!

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