Phillip and Phillip Jr. with Cape Buffalo

Phillip' du Plessis

Phillip qualified as a professional hunter in 1995 and worked in the hunting industry throughout Africa since the age of 18.

His experience and extensive knowledge of animal behavior both dangerous and plains game as well as his calm and relaxed approach will ensure you an unforgettable hunting experience.

Intrepid was established in 2002 and went from strength to strength and we will keep on providing high quality hunting safaris. With their commitment and dedication to detail Phillip and Anske are striving for uncompromising excellence.

Anske du Plessis
Phillip hunted Anske down in 2001 and got married in 2005. Anske runs the office, camp staff and probably the most important - the kitchen. With her commitment and dedication to detail she is Intrepid's most valuable "asset". All the clients rave about her gourmet cooking. Phillip also turned her into a hunter and she shot her very first impala with Phillip.

Du Plessis Family

Phillip, Anske and the staff of Intrepid Safaris Africa would like to thank all of our loyal clients who supported us through the past hunting season. Intrepid Safaris Africa was established in 2002 and has gone from strength to strength and will keep on providing high quality experiences.

Buffalo Hunting by Phillip Du Plessis

Buffalo hunting has been part of my family for more than 60 years. My Grandfather lived in what was known as the old Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, were he had a huge Ranch. He was a great big game hunter in those days. He hunted extensively in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. His favorite buffalo caliber was the .9,3x62 Mauser. He got mauled by a rouge buffalo bull on the shores of Lake Kariba, and died shortly after that. I therefore chose my logo to be a Cape buffalo in memory of this once great hunter.

In my opinion the buffalo is the most intrepid of the big five. If the first shot is well placed the buffalo will run a short distance and you will hear the sound that every buffalo hunter hopes to hear - the death bellow. However, if the first shot is not well placed you are in for the long haul, a wounded buffalo is the most dangerous game animal in Africa.

I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt buffalo in the early stages of my hunting career and till this day it is still my favorite hunt to guide. Therefore getting up in the morning, and having a quick cup of coffee and a slice of toast, then getting on the back of the Land Cruiser, driving through the bush until you find the fresh tracks of a big herd of buffalo or dugga boy and then start your pursuit after Africa's black death, mbogo, nyati, call him whatever you want, it is in my opinion what hunting is all about. We at Intrepid Safaris are as determined as a big buffalo bull to satisfy our client's needs.

We are fortunate that our family can be a part of our daily lives at Intrepid.